Delicate Pearls

    From the beginning of time, people have lived and people have died. Always basking in the moment, living for the present, and now their present of ancient is but mere history to my present. The cycle of life continues; babies are born, they grow up, have babies of their own, get old, and then they die. And thus the cycle continues. Life is but a vapor, life is not promised to no one. Life makes no promises, holds no grudge, nor favors any person. It is simply, life.     
   We are here today, but what about tomorrow?
In a world that is ever changing, transforming, dying, and re birthing itself again and again, why not live life to the fullest? Why should a person simply struggle to live and survive in a world that will be erased in years in to come? Why should we the people succumb to harsh reality, give in to sadness and sorrow? There's so much out there, so much life left to live, so much vitality that has yet to be discovered. Each day is a treasure, discover it and bask in its riches. Each heart-felt moment is as a rare gem, cherish it forever. Each smile is as a string of delicate pearls, wear it proudly. Each opportunity could hold such glory and adventure. Take the chance, risk it all, choose to live life in an unimaginable way. For we never know if tomorrow will even come so choose to live for today. Live as happy as you can.
    I will not let sorrow burden me down. I can't afford to spend even a minute wearing a frown. For I waste time wallowing in the depths of utter despair. Life is not promised unto me, yet I live. Tomorrow is not certain, yet I hope. No doubt the cycle of life will take its tole and I will one day be its victim but until that day comes, I am going to live life, I am going to be happy, I am going to be carefree, I am going to be me.

Written by Hannah Owens © 11.2.11

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